Early Adopters Club List

This Club embraces the digital technological revolution brought by the disruptive development of blockchain, artificial intelligence, immersive technologies, among others.

Below you can find innovators that champion NGI values, whether at the national or local policy level, including civil society groups, start-ups, SMEs, research institutes and innovation hubs across Europe.

Innovators on the US-side, sharing the vision of NGI mission are also welcome, in view of the EU-US call ICT-31 2019:




Mr Fredi Nonyelu
Briteyellow Ltd
Mr Octavio Padilla
World Education Blockchain Association
Mr Joop Ringelberg
Perspect IT
Mr Mirko Ross
Mrs Yolanda Rueda
Fundación Cibervoluntarios
Riphah Institute of Systems Engineering, Riphah International University
Mr Daniel Schimmelpfennig
Council on Transformative and Transmutable Futures
Mr craig sheridan
Edinburgh Innovations - University of Edinburgh
Mr Martin Splitt
Dr Emanuele Storti
Daisy lab, Marche Polytechnic University
Mr Hans Timmermans
Mr Rob van Alphen
School of Disruption
Mr Nuno Varandas
F6S Network Limited
Prof Massimo Villari
Alma DIgit S.R.L
Mr Ray Walshe
Dublin City University
Mr John Wang
neo global development