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IT Specialist/IT Architect
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neo global development
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IT Consultancy/Development
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IT and Network Operators, Service Providers
Hi-tech Start-ups & SMEs
Which of the following NGI values are you championing?: 
Control over personal data. Value extraction from protected personal data
Privacy-by-design approaches. Privacy-aware tools
Security-by-design approaches. Trust models. Cyber security best practices
Interoperability and standardisation. Interoperability testing. Key enabling technologies: 5G, IoT, cloud, big data, cyber security

Early Adopters

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NEO will use blockchain technology to implement asset digitization. Its characteristics are decentralization, de-intermediation, trust-free, traceable, and highly transparent. NEO supports multiple digital assets at the bottom. Users can register their own assets on NEO, freely trade and transfer, and resolve the mapping relationship with physical assets through digital identity. Assets registered by users through a compliant digital identity are protected by law. Through these, to give the Internet a new vitality.

NGI solution(s) used by your organisation: 

1. NEO can help NGI gain technical and research support in the technological innovation of blockchain.
2. NEO is also an innovator of the Internet, based on NGI values, to benefit people through the digitization of assets.
3. Can bring new perspectives to the NGI seminar.
4. Use your community's strengths to bring NGI's values: Create an Internet that respects human and social values, privacy, participation and diversity and spread to more people.




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