Impact of AI on the Internet economy

Feb 21 2018

Although it is commented by some that AI projection is just a marketing hype, however many in industry and governments believed that the role of AI is pervasive in the future Internet economy. AI presents enormous opportunities to create new jobs, new industries and new ways of connecting. At the same time many believed that AI would steal thousands of jobs. The nature of work will drastically change as the AI and automation drive significant structural change across industries. This change will empower workers and minimize the inequalities among people and between countries. Many existing jobs may be displaced as AI moves beyond monetising user data to changing how products and services are delivered. Adapting to the pace of change will be a major global challenge for the immediate future. AI could be a partner in human intelligence, letting us take on and solve much bigger challenges. As one survey respondent explained, “The distance between people’s brains and the Internet will become ever smaller, and the interface between the two ever more sophisticated” [ISOC report on “Paths to our Digital Future” 2017].

Because of the AI, there will be huge gains in scientific research, transportation and delivery of services. With the help of open source development, AI has the potential to diminish the difference between developed and developing worlds. For example, a country that relies on agricultural production could use AI to analyse crop yields and optimise food production. AI applications in healthcare could be a game changer for disease detection in low income areas.

Does the global society has made itself ready to absorb the change, and prepared for new economy and new business models? The intelligence and services used to manage and implement manufacturing or services may still reside in developed countries rather than being developed locally. AI might exacerbate the digital divide in significant ways that would have geopolitical implications.

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