Ensure continuing confidence in system

Jan 19 2018

When considering highly interconnected networks, it is clear that trust, security and privacy are the prominent concerns. The Fire Study DIN 2017 looked at technology drivers and found IoT and 5G to be the key components. The focus was on the need to understand the trust, security and privacy concerns within NGI regarding the interaction of humans and autonomous, manual and remotely operated machines. There is a need to look deeper at the security threats even for liberal governments as cyber security will become impossible to secure because of the ease of connectivity as the internet of Things becomes ever more prevalent. More urgency is needed on this. 

Will end-users know the how much privacy, if any they could have when using a service? Should open source software be checked by NGO’s, trusted parties? Should a decentralised trust be set up? The dominance of social networks begs the questions, should they be broke up? Should they pay for content? Are citizens informed, do they understand what social networks do with their content? Who, if anyone will be accountable for machine learning, for data management?

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