Service and data portability - ICT24 ii-b) topic

Nov 20 2018

There are upcoming calls ICT-24, also with the topic of "service and data portability" (RIA). We are interested in hearing your thoughts and experiences regarding the data portability (personal, non-personal). The call is not so oriented towards "moving services from provider to provider" as one should conclude from the title of a call, but more towards "moving data from a services provider to a service from other provider", personal, non-personal, mixture of both types of data.

The solution developed within these calls (ICT-24) should support "values of openness, cooperation across borders, decentralisation, inclusiveness and protection of privacy". As soon we will get these kinds of solutions on a plate, only time will tell about the "trust" part. As we all know, trust is built through time.

Questions that can arise while reading the call: is it in APIs or pure data? Should solutions also offer some kind of toolkits that would help to understand the data and mechanisms within the solutions? What are the most probably use cases of such data portability? What standards should be considered? What is our major concern about end-user contracts and services' Terms of Uses? Is there a solution where we can thing about different approaches that just putting a banner on a web page with opt-in options for the cookies?

Please, share your thoughts.

Slides from my presentation: NGI for webinar RIA 2018 - service and data portability.pdf

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