Paul Lefrere

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CEO/Managing Director/Chief Executive
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Small and Medium Enterprise
United Kingdom
Early Adopters Selection Criteria: 
Multidisciplinary NGI researchers in ICT, social sciences & humanities
Hi-tech Start-ups & SMEs
Representatives from Standards Organisations
Which of the following NGI values are you championing?: 
Control over personal data. Value extraction from protected personal data
Privacy-by-design approaches. Privacy-aware tools
Security-by-design approaches. Trust models. Cyber security best practices
Interoperability and standardisation. Interoperability testing. Key enabling technologies: 5G, IoT, cloud, big data, cyber security
New applications and services across industry verticals and public sector. Socio-economic impacts
Clusters and hubs on NGI-related technologies. Small business opportunities. Research spinouts

Early Adopters

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Member of relevant standards working groups (eg IEEE LTSC; BSI) formulating NGI-linked and human-centric interoperability standards on key enabling technologies (eg Human and Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, IoT, Cloud). NGI-related horizon-scanning and research spinouts are part of our EC-funded RIA projects eg involving security and safety of critical cyber-physical systems eg in fintech and in personal learning (our open architectures and innovations address NGI-relevant needs such as security-by-design, privacy-by-design, control over personal data). Our track record in e-policy includes leadership-level e-policy advice to, and key projects for, highly-influential organisations eg Microsoft (multi-year advisor to their Senior Chairman) and past heads of the UK Open University.

NGI solution(s) used by your organisation: 

Solutions that emphasize end-user privacy, agency and collaboration, eg




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