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ICT2018 - Next Generation Internet: Beyond the Internet Survey


The NGI session at ICT2018 will contribute to a shared vision of the Next Generation Internet and cover its different aspects: human, technology, market and policy. Help us shaping the sessions and make your voice heard in Vienna!







<< Higher inclusion of all users through higher usability of internet products and services, higher inclusion of smaller companies providing online services through a more transparent process and selection of standards of service where big companies do not decide on their own all protocols and platforms, higher inclusion of information through implementation of Net Neutrality guidelines. >>


<< Just a comment regarding this survey: Considering that only a very small percentage of European citizens are native speakers of English, the wording in official surveys that are supposed to address the public at large should be phrased as simple, clear and unambiguous as possible (very crucial for effective intercultural communication). I find the wording, syntax and punctuation of this survey a bit unfortunate. >>